About you

If you appreciate the importance of honest clear communications, presenting persuasively, and in delivering an engaging customer experience every time, then you’re exactly the type of person who I work with.

Some of the areas you may want to improve are  
  • Confidence
  • The ability to deliver a powerful persuasive speech
  • The ability to handle tough Q&A in any situation
  • To reduce the churn rate of your customer base
  • To win sales through service and the customer experience
  • To motivate and retain your top performers
Whether you represent a global corporation, a brand or simply yourself, you need to know that I can help you.

How to maximise your return on relationships and increase revenue and profits

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What we do

We empower you, your team members and managers to excel in developing high impact communication skills, persuasive presentation skills and provide an exceptional customer experience in order to retain your customers

We create outstanding ambassadors for your company who understand the company vision, represent the core values and are interested in the success of the company.

We believe that learning experiences should be engaging, enjoyable and experiential, utilising all senses to allow for different preferences.

About Steve

Welcome! I’m Steve Catchick. I’ve had a varied career, starting in the Army (REME) at the tender age of 16 as an electronics engineer. Since then as a customer service engineer, an account manager and as a speaker, trainer and coach.

Whilst at IBM I delivered training to the sales team, designed and delivered a successful customer care programme for the engineers, and help desks, and presentation skills training for managers and teams

I finally launched out on my own as a Speaker, trainer and coach, initially running a franchise providing business training and mentoring for business owners. I now speak at events and conferences, deliver masterclasses and coach managers and teams on high impact communication, sales through service, and powerful persuasive presenting

I am a member of The Professional Speaking Association, (past President for the Thames Valley Region in Reading 2016-2017), a Distinguished Toastmaster and past Division Governor for Toastmasters International, and oh yes, also a clinical hypno-therapist and NLP trainer.

Some trivia about me

  • Socially, I love Rock’n’Roll and swing music, and can frequently be seen Jiving at various gigs.
  • I have run 3 Reading half marathons, raising over £1500 for cancer research
  • I held the Middlesex schools under 15 quarter mile record for 10 years
  • I enjoy a single malt whisky, although I don’t often drink these days
  • And, lastly, I took time out when first in my 50s, to backpack alone in SE Asia
  • My catchphrase is “Gap years are far too good for Kids!” This may be one of the future talks!