Steve Catchick Steve has a wealth of experience, in different disciplines. He started his career serving in HM Forces REME, as a control equipment technician, looking after equipment such as tank gun control anti tank missiles, and many others. Steve attained his NLP trainers training certification in March 2006, having obtained his master practitioner qualification the previous year. He has worked for IBM, Gandalf Communications, Infotron systems, and many others, in customer service, as an engineer, a team leader, and also on the commercial side as a site manager, account manager and trainer. His many talents included facilitating customer and internal management meetings as a qualified facilitator. His transition to personal development and training began in 2002, when he completed the Landmark education curriculum for living, followed by a two year coaching programme, with CoachU, one of the original coaching schools. In 2005 he completed his NLP master practitioner training and is certified with the British and American board of NLP. In March 2006 he qualified as a Trainer of NLP with the American Board of NLP, and subsequently completed his clinical hypnotherapy training in 2006. Steve has developed a wide range of skills and experience in NLP and considers this to be one of his key areas of expertise and knowledge. He has studied and trained with well-known masters in NLP. He completed his practitioner, master practitioner and trainers training initially with And Harrington, from Inner compass, and subsequently with Dr Topher Morrison. In addition, Steve undertook a modelling course with Dr John Grinder, one of the co founders of NLP. In 2006, Steve also completed a 10 day clinical hypnotherapy course with Dr Topher Morrison While working at IBM, Steve has provided training for IBM sales teams, both in UK and Ireland. He was also asked to design and deliver a bespoke customer care programme for the engineering field force. Up to 200 engineers, support teams and managers attended the highly successful programme. In addition, a separate Present Powerfully programme was designed and delivered to sales, managers, and professionals within IBM, with dramatic improvements in presentation style. Testimonials from those courses are available, showing the benefits and results. He has also provided speaker coaching to a senior executive, prior to his delivering a presentation to the organisation. Outside IBM, he has coached small business owners, delivered his Powerful Presence, Speak Powerfully, sales and communication skills training workshops to SME’s. To keep abreast of techniques, and learn from different styles, Steve has often assisted with other NLP trainers. In addition Steve is also an accomplished public speaker and has been a member of Toastmasters International since August 2004. He served on the committee for Maidenhead speakers continuously from 2005 – 2009, and was president of the club from July 2008 – June 2009. He continues to be actively involved in the organisation and has now set his sight on the ultimate Toastmaster award of Distinguished Toastmaster. He currently serves on the committee for Marlow Orators, in addition to being an active member of Maidenhead speakers On a more personal note, Steve loves to travel and to meet people and has a genuine desire to contribute to their development. He is someone who practises what he preaches and is passionate about dancing, which is mainly Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Rock’n’Roll and also occasional Salsa, and enjoys networking. His qualifications are as follows: – NLP Modelling course. 2007 Certified trainer of NLP with ABNLP. 2006 Clinical Hypnotherapist (IMDHA). 2006 Master practitioner of NLP with ABNLP. 2005 Graduate coach from Coach University. 2004 Landmark Education – curriculum for living. 2002 Various Data Network Courses (Gandalf/Cisco/Nortel/IBM). 1987 1999