About Steve Catchick

Conference and Event Speaker, Development Facilitator and Coach

Steve Catchick is a consummate conference speaker and facilitator. His belief in the power of communication to build relationships, enhance service, generate sales, and strengthen both individuals and organisations comes through in every word, sentence and story he shares. It has driven the creation of The High Impact Communicator and The Secret Salesforce.

Steve is a military veteran, and has worked for many years with business leaders and entrepreneurs to grow effective individuals, teams, and profitable operations through his speaking, masterclasses and coaching programs. He was a mentor for The Business Wealth Club (an organization supporting and mentoring business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their teams, revenue and profit), a trainer with IBM, and an independent trainer and consultant. Steve is also a certified NLP trainer, and a hypno-therapist.

Steve is a member of The Professional Speaking Association, where he has been President for the Thames Valley Region in Reading 2016-2017. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster, multiple Past-club-president, and past Division Governor for Toastmasters International.

What We do

We empower you, your team members and managers to excel in developing high impact communication skills, effective personal leadership skills and build strong lasting relationships. Effectively creating outstanding leaders and ambassadors for your company who understand the company vision, represent the core values and are all interested in the success of the company.

Core values

  • Integrity – do what you say, when you say. Keep your word and be trustworthy
  • Respect. – Respect to your team, your peers and your customers. Accept their point of view and priorities.
  • Open and honest communication.
  • People first – people before profit. Build genuine relationships.
  • Service – Serve rather than sell. Give an outstanding customer experience
  • Be a lifelong student – never stop learning
And, lastly, Steve’s took time out when first in his 50s, to backpack alone in SE Asia. His catchphrase is “Gap years are far too good for Kids!”