Present Powerfully workshop

“I’ve always found presenting in public to be stressful and daunting. However, after attending the Powerfully Presenting course I found the prospect of impromptu talking or formal presentation no longer filled me with trepidation. The skills and techniques learnt on the course have improved my vocal and stage presence which has boosted my confidence and quality of delivery.

“I actually carry a copy of the PP handout with me all the time!”

Jim Harrison, Software Specialist, Major IT Company

“I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Presenting Powerfully’ course run by Steve Catchick in 2008.  I found the course engaging, interesting and challenging – especially the impromptu speaking which I had little experience of prior to the course.  I consider the skills and techniques learned of tremendous benefit to my professional career as I now engage with my audience in a more effective manner.

“In short, this course was an extremely worthwhile investment of time & money.  Steve is a great teacher, knows his subject matter inside out and is a pleasure to work with.”

James Loftus, Senior Accredited Network Software Specialist, I.T. Company.”

“I have attended one of Steve’s “Present Powerfully” sessions in 2008.  I found the session extremely useful in helping me communicate more directly and effectively with my presentation audience.  The confidence and knowledge I gained on that course has since enabled me to deliver numerous well received presentations.

“I have also worked with Steve as an “observer” when  he delivered an in-house Professional Development Centre.  I found working with him extremely easy, and his facilitation and organisational skills greatly enhanced the running of the Centre, and the experience of the delegates and observers.”

Charlaine Pirie, Workplace Workstream Project Lead Manager, IT Company

“As a result of attending the Present Powerfully course delivered by Steve last year, it has enabled me to significantly improve both the content and the delivery of my presentations.  Since the course I have had to present to several large groups of customers, including 80 customers at a European user group.

“Using some of the techniques learnt from Steve, I have become much more confident as a presenter and my presentations have had a much greater impact on the audience.”

Dave Milburn, European Customer Support Manager , IT company

“The Present Powerfully course is a good opportunity to gain further insight in presenting information successfully to different audiences.  It offers techniques and ideas for formal and impromptu situations.  This lets you choose the most appropriate style to maximise the impact.”

I. McFarlane, Business Development Manager, IT company

Communications training

“Since Steve delivered the bespoke communication skills training, I have noticed the team have been more positive in their approach. They are now more aware of their manner on the phone, and the impact it has on the customers, and how to build relationships quickly. This has resulted in a noticeable increase in conversions. I can highly recommend Steve as a trainer/coach”.

Mark Tongue, MD Select Contracts

“Steve provided some outstanding training for a large variety of teams in IBM. From sales training, presentation skills through to training engineers in soft skills. His vast range of skills in NLP and presenting make him an ideal instructor. Steve also has a very engaging style which works very well in the class room.

“I would be happy recommending Steve to add value to any organisation”

Neil Thubron, International and Complex Deal Sales Executive, IBM Maintenance and Technology Services

“Having been on many personal and professional growth workshops, I can say that I am very impressed with the powerful presence workshop and recommend it wholeheartedly.”

Neil Pearce, Surrey university

Customer relationships

“I have worked with Steve in a major corporate organisation where he designed, tested and delivered a customer relationship course to the majority of the Customer Engineer workforce for which I was responsible.

“Over the period of a year delivering the course we received excellent feedback from the engineers attending the course and their managers who saw a demonstrable difference in their approach to managing customers and situations.

“There was a subsequent marked decrease in customer complaints, and a perceived increase in team work between sales and service, resulting in an excellent year for sales.

“It was a pleasure to be a part of the Project team working with Steve. He was very committed to delivering an exceptional course and focused on the end result.

Mike Willden, European Storage Centre Manager, Major IT Company

“In 2006 it was clearly identified that IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services (MTS) needed to differentiate itself in the market place from its competitors to protect current business, grow current business and win new business.

“This could only be done by improving the quality of service that our customers received, most importantly from our Customer facing Engineers (CE).

“Steve actively lobbied and successfully acquired the backing of the director Albert Joseph and successfully acquired the considerable amount of commitment and finances to fund the program which would eventually run through 600 members of staff.

“This course was a residential course run over two days.

“What did this do for MTS ?

1) Resulted in highest Moral Survey Ratings ever in MTS at 70% also CE retention improved retaining the critical skills within the company, and not letting competition acquire these skills.

2) Reduced customer complaints to almost zero, this Customer satisfaction meant that our sales force where not being dragged down handling complaints, but instead where able to focus on winning new business, resulting in 2007 being the best year ever for Sales.

3) Relationships between all divisions of MTS improved enormously working together as “One Team”.“The courses that Steve designed tested and implemented were complete successes and were totally supported by the Director and the Senior Leadership Team. The value of this fine work that Steve did is still being realised today.”

Paul Lyons, Sales People Manager, Major IT Company

“Steve organised a Customer Care workshop specifically for the technical specialists in my team, which I also attended. The workshop was particularly well received. Steve ensured that it focussed the specialist on the people relationship aspects of their role, with lots of easy/fun exercises to make the ideas real and memorable.

“I have come across the idea of ‘chunking’ before, and never quite got my mind around it. One of the exercises brought home how easy it is to implement this idea, and I now regularly use this when I communicate and negotiate.”

Nico van Nieuwkerk, Software Support Manager.” Major IT company

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