Speech Coaching

Are you a High Impact Speaker?

Do your presentations have the desired effect when you speak to your managers, your team or your customers? Do you inspire confidence, or do they fall on deaf ears?

How would you like to be coached by a Regional President of The Professional Speaking Association?

Like anything else, to grow as a speaker, whether as a business leader, manager or in sales, when you have a coach you can achieve your results much faster.

Imagine how it would feel if you were able to deliver a Powerful Persuasive Presentation every time you speak? To engage and motivate your audience to think, feel or do something different, and see the impact your message has on them

When you speak to an audience, your priority is to connect and engage with your audience, to keep them interested, and leave them with a message they will remember and take action on.

When you work with me, we will work on all areas of a speech, from how you construct your script without being dependent on it, how to make an impact with your delivery technique, the use of the stage and compelling content.

The purpose of presentation skills coaching is to improve the confidence, the effectiveness and the impact you make when giving a speech.

To that end, before commencing coaching, and to help clients, where possible, I like to initiate an initiate a pre-session meeting, either face to face, over the phone or skype, to discuss specific needs and know how best I can help

I will work with clients to assist on presenting powerfully and persuasively in a charismatic and compelling style in areas such as:
  • Corporate or day to day presentations
  • Sales presentations
  • Public speeches
  • Keynote speeches
  • Business / elevator pitches

Get in touch by calling or emailing me now, and lets initiate a pre-session meeting, over the phone or skype, to discuss specific needs and know how best I can help start the journey of taking you from a good speaker to a high impact speaker.