The High Impact Communication Masterclasses

Communication is a critical component in business, as it is in personal life. The High Impact Communication and customer service masterclasses provide a range of learning and development skills all of which can be adapted to suit your individual requirements.

Whether gaining confidence around speaking in public, delivering sales presentations, communicating effectively with customers, team members and your personal contacts or creating a memorable customer experience, one of these courses may be right for you.

The Confident Speaker One of the High Impact Communication MasterclassesDoes the thought of speaking in public, addressing your customers, managers or peers, fill you with dread. Is the fear of presenting in public holding you back in your career or business?This introductory half or one day masterclass will give you the confidence, and the expertise, to stand and deliver.Although the course may be tailored to suit, generally you will learn: –
  • How to control Nerves
  • How to make that critical first impression
  • How to focus on your message, rather than yourself
  • Delivery techniques that engage an audience
  • A simple structure you can use anywhere
Powerful Persuasive Presentations One of the High Impact Communication MasterclassesWould you like to go from good to great, if every presentation you delivered had a big impact on your customers? Then this masterclass is for youThis extended two day masterclass is designed for any Executive leader, business leader, entrepreneur or professional who needs to perfect or excel in their Presenting skills and take it to another level.Although the course may be tailored to suit, in addition covering some of the elements of the introductory Confident Speaker Masterclass other benefits include: –
  • How best to construct a script to get your message across powerfully
  • How to make an impact, before you speak and with your opening lines
  • How to close with power so your message is remembered
  • Mastery of using the stage
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication to create impact
  • How to avoid common mistakes using visual aids
  • Ability to handle impromptu situations, and Q&A, effectively
High Impact Sales Presentations One of the High Impact Communication MasterclassesHave you lost sales you anticipated you would win? Have you or your sales team spent many hours arranging to get in front of your prospects, only to find your sales presentation does not deliver?This one or two day masterclass is designed for sales teams, executives, business leaders, or entrepreneurs who regularly or occasionally need to deliver a sales presentation in a competitive marketplace, and want to stand out from other sales presenters.This course assumes the presenter already has developed effective presenting addition to covering some of the elements of the introductory Presenting courses, other benefits of attending this course are include:
  • Customer focus – how to address the customer problems, needs and wants?
  • Utilising relevant stories, case studies, anecdotes, that support the solution
  • How to demonstrate your capabilities at key points
  • Creating powerful engaging openings and effective close
  • How to handle difficult situations and Q&A Using your senses – “listening” to the non-verbal communication
  • Effective use of slides or props
High Impact Elevator Pitch One of the High Impact Communication MasterclassesCan you articulate clearly, compellingly, and powerfully what you do? Articulating what you do, whether giving an elevator pitch at a networking event, making a business pitch, or answering the question in a social conversation, is fundamental to making an impact, a good impression and winning opportunities. Yet many people often fumbleSuitable for business owners, business leaders and professionals, this 90 minute or half day inter-active workshop, is designed to help you articulate clearly, simply and effectively what you do in a memorable manner, without feeling self conscious and can be adapted for different situations.Benefits:
  • Convey your business or expertise quickly, simply and with Impact
  • Engage and your audience and build relationships quickly
  • Be memorable and attract business opportunities
High Impact Service – The Secret Salesforce One of the High Impact Communication MasterclassesDo you have secret ambassadors working for you day and night 7 days a week, or do you have secret saboteurs, who destroy the opportunities your sales teams have worked hard to find?In today’s competitive marketplace the customer experience is the current playing field. You simply can’t afford to be complacent. Customer loyalty has to be earned on a daily basis and service is no longer the back door to sales.You must provide exceptional service, be easy and consistent to work with, and be willing to be innovative in your approach. Above all you must engage, motivate, empower and reward your employees.Having a team of ambassadors for your company will impress, attract and retain your customers, and create “raving fans’ amongst customers that will see your sales rocket.This is a one or two day course, designed for all levels, including customer facing teams, non customer facing teams, telephone teams, all executives and managers. Benefits of attending this masterclass are:
  • Highly motivated and engaged workforce
  • Highly satisfied customers
  • Customers willing to be referrers and raving fans
  • A customer centric company ethos creating a respected strong brand
  • Lower Marketing costs
  • Higher revenue and profit
  • High retention of customers and staff
High Impact Communication One of the High Impact Communication MasterclassesEffective communication is one of the key skills in business success, and is not restricted to the spoken or written word. Poor communication can create misunderstandings resulting in loss of business and damaged relationships. Confidence, clear and concise information, given in a timely and accurate fashion are some of the benefits of attendingThis one day masterclass is designed for all levels. Benefits such as confidence in dealing with all situations,The Masterclass will include topics such as:
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication – the 3 V’s
  • Body language – and how to read it
  • Quality listening skills
  • Effective questioning
  • How to be assertive yet showing empathy
  • Influencing
High Impact Personal Effectiveness and Leadership One of the High Impact Communication MasterclassesYou don’t have to be an executive to display Leadership skills, which benefit both you and your company. Stepping up, continuous learning and personal development increases your personal effectiveness. ThisThis is a three day course, designed for all levels, which can be broken down into one day modules and adapted for your needs. It is the High Impact fundamentals and will include such as:
  • Goal setting
  • Managing your productivity
  • Mindset – Attitudes and beliefs and core values
  • SWOT analysis – play to your strengths
  • Ownership and responsibility – stepping up
  • Personal Brand
  • Personal development plan
  • The confident speaker – (Optional)