MC and Event Hosting

Steve hosts / comperes / MCs events and conferences. If you are organising an event, function, fund-raiser or Conference Dinner, Steve is your guy. He has an understanding for business, is able to be in the moment when necessary, and has an engaging sense of humour

As the MC, Steve will
  • Liaise with event planners in advance to find out all he can about the organisation, the event, desired outcomes and any information
  • Liaise with all speakers before the event and on the day. Ensure he has the speaker introductions and assist them where necessary
  • Maintain the energy and enthusiasm of the event
  • Arrive early to liaise with AV team and carry out a sound check, discuss logistics and any changes with the organiser
  • Ensure the meeting runs smoothly and to time, so your guests will not miss their meals or transport home
  • Deal with unexpected situations
  • Moderate panels or Q&A sessions

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