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After serving 11 years in the armed forces, Steve spent the next 25 years in various customer support, account management and training roles, in several corporate companies. During this time he invested both his time and money in his own personal and business development, as a coach, a trainer, and a speaker.

Whilst employed at IBM, after completing his NLP Trainers training, he delivered training to the sales team, designed and delivered a successful customer care programme for the engineers, and help desks, and presentation skills training for managers and teams

Steve finally launched out on his own as a Speaker, trainer and coach. He held a franchise providing business training and mentoring for business owners, focusing on 80% business and 20% personal growth, before focusing on his core strength of communication and customer experience.

He now speaks at events and conferences, delivers masterclasses and coaches managers and teams on high impact communication, sales through service, and powerful persuasive presenting

His aim is simply to help clients deliver an exceptional customer experience, a powerful persuasive presentation, communicate effectively and to retain both customers and employees

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How do you stop the churn rate of existing customers and keep your best employees? Do your sales presentations fall flat? These are questions and issues that frustrates sales directors, MD’s and their executive teams.

With competition always on your doorstep, and technology rapidly advancing, there is no time to rest on your laurels. There is little differentiator in the technology today, so how do you stand out for the crowd.

This is where the customer experience and excellent communication comes in as the only way you can really stand out. It is the current competitive battlefield, and any company that ignores this does so at their peril.

Many companies are now, rightly, monitoring, measuring and surveying the customer experience and the processes, yet ultimately, it’s not about the systems or processes, it’s about your people.

This is where I come in. My name is Steve Catchick, and I am the High Impact Communicator and I believe soft skills are essential for professional, personal and business success. I specialise in high impact communication, whether that be one – one, presenting in public, or the customer experience – sales through service.

My programmes focus on high impact communications, powerful persuasive presentations, and the secret sales-force – Unlocking hidden potential by giving managers the confidence to empower their teams to deliver exceptional customer experience – increasing sales without selling.

Most organisations have a mix of employees who are ambassadors, saboteurs, and sleepers who simply follow rules without stepping up and taking their own initiatives.

What would it be like if you could transform your staff into secret ambassadors, or raving fans, who are so engaged and motivated that everyone, from the CEO down to shop floor, give an exceptional customer experience, rave about the company to their friends, and family, and spread the word online and offline. What would that do to your retention, and your sales effort?

A secret ambassador is simultaneously a leader, a service representative, is a sales representative, and an advocate for the company.

I have mentored business owners, worked with large organisations such as IBM, coached executives and their teams and understand the impact building trust, communications, persuasive and influential presentations and excellent service has on customers, and hence the bottom line.

I am a member of the Professional Speaking Association, past regional president for the Thames Valley Region in Reading 2017 a distinguished toastmaster with Toastmasters International, a certified NLP Trainer and hypnotherapist.

So, what if you hired me for your event or to work with your teams? What if you developed a powerful secret sales-force, that will work in partnership with your sales team and your leaders.

What would that do to retain more customers and increase revenue? There’s only one way to find out! Let me show you how.

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