Steve delivers business and conference speeches on high impact communication and customer relationships He helps his audience make an impact through both verbal and non-verbal communication, and build trusting relationships, when they speak in public, when off stage in meetings, and when one to one.

He is available to speak at your event on the following (but not limited to) topics, which will be adapted to your requirements:

The Secret Sales-force ™ What would it be like if everyone in your organisation were Secret Ambassadors? What would that do for your turnover, and profit if the customer experience was so outstanding that customers become raving fans.This talk is designed to help you:
  • Maximise a return on relationships
  • Creating a 5 star service related ethos
  • Develop powerful secret ambassadors and eliminate the secret saboteurs
Handling Challenging Situations and Speaking Off The Cuff The ability to handle unexpected situations is an important aspect of leadership, business communications and personal brand, whether they be answering challenging questions, or being given just a few minutes notice to prepare and deliver a presentation to the board, shareholders, customers or your team?Perhaps you are in a meeting, and your manager unexpectedly puts you on the spot to answer the challenging questions directed at them, for which you are unprepared. Perhaps you have to unexpectedly have to stand in for your manager or peer and deliver a presentation you have not prepared. How well do you cope?This talk will help you learn how to :
  • Develop techniques to buy time and handle those awkward questions
  • Learn structures that will help you think on your feet
  • Gain confidence in handling challenging questions and situations
First, Second and Last Impressions You only have an instant to make a good first impression and grab an audience’s attention. This inter-active talk, aimed at all levels, shows how you can engage and captivate an audience and make an immediate impact:
  • Before you start speaking – with your non-verbal communication and stage presence
  • With your opening Lines to engage interest
  • With strong closing lines that reinforce your message
High Impact Elevator Pitch Articulating what you do, whether giving an elevator pitch at a networking event, making a business pitch, or answering the question in a social conversation, is fundamental to making an impact and winning opportunities. Yet many people often fumbleThis talk, which can be delivered as an inter-active workshop or a short speech, is designed to help you articulate clearly, simply and effectively what you do in a memorable manner, without feeling self conscious and can be adapted for different situations.
How to Speak to Martians, Customers and Your Spouse Communication is fundamental in business as in life. How we take in information, how well we listen and express ourselves is of paramount importance and affects our decisions. In this talk, learn how to:
  • Develop Charismatic Compelling and influential communication
  • Listen effectively to both verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Ask the right questions before making assumptions