Steve is a highly entertaining but engaging speaker. I have seen his talk a couple of times now and have found that I was still picking new ideas, the second time around.

What you see is very much what you get with Steve – direct and straightforward which makes his ideas come across clearly and effectively, but there lies behind it, a warm personality and a desire to make sure that his audience are comfortable with the ideas.

I would highly recommend Steve as a speaker and I look forward to seeing him again.

Andy R Hessey, MBCS – Enterprise programme & project manager @ BT

Just attended Steve’s talk on Handling Challenging Questions. Awesome! He gave us a set of techniques and tipswhich can be applied in every situation. Then got us to try them,after each person actively coaching us on how we can improveand develop. I thoroughly recommend this talk.

Clifford Hirst – Finance director at Dataco Ltd

We recently hired Steve to deliver presentation skills training to several members of our organisation, including the MD, sales and marketing teams, each with different requirements, in preparation for presenting at several different situations and business events. It was adapted for the needs of all of us.
The programme was very well structured, and incorporated how to plan, structure and deliver an engaging presentation, with confidence and authority in any situation and handling nerves. There was plenty of practice, and I particularly liked the focus on how to construct the script, handling questions and developing a powerful and engaging presence.

I have since presented confidently and successfully at several business events. I highly recommend Steve as a presentation trainer / coach

Diego Lunardi – Head of sales Emea @ Maximizer CRM

I recently had the pleasure of attending Steve’s masterclass on Handling Really Tough Questions. He had a clear focus on the participants’ needs and therefore was able to deliver a good amount of theory as well as allowing for people to put that theory into practice. The takeaways were clear and I’m sure all participants are now able to be more effective when dealt a tough question

Cat Kipling – Speaker coach, private equity specialist

I’ve known Steve for a number of years and, despite training and delivering conference speeches internationally for over three decades, I have used Steve to coach me in speaking and presentation skills. He really is the High Impact Communicator. He explains clearly why being able to speak and present well are critically important, and then equips people with the knowledge, structures, skills and memory aids to excel. He creates that essential certainty that you can really do it!

Clinton Wingrove – CEO @ Clinton HR

Steve’s Powerful Presence workshop was so popular that we asked him to return later in the year to deliver part two! He demonstrated how to create authority through a powerful stage presence, the use of the stage and on the use of language, both verbal and non-verbal, to influence and create a powerful first, second and last impression that engages and impacts an audience.

The workshops were inter-active feedback was extremely positive.

Toby Mildon – Diversity and inclusion Architect BBC

“Steve provided some outstanding training for a large variety of teams in IBM. From sales training, presentation skills through to training engineers in soft skills. His vast range of skills in NLP and presenting make him an ideal instructor. Steve also has a very engaging style which works very well in the classroom.

“I would be happy recommending Steve to add value to any organisation”

Neil Thubron, International and Complex Deal Sales Executive, IBM Maintenance and Technology Services

I attended Steve’s Present Powerfully course and have found that what I learnt in those three days has stayed with me, and helped considerably with every subsequent presentation I have done. I found the course extremely useful due to the fact that a large element of it had to do with practising the presentation techniques. This gave me a lot of confidence in subsequent presentations. I would highly recommend this course.

“I have also worked with Steve as an “observer” when he delivered an in-house Professional Development Centre. I found working with him extremely easy, and his facilitation and organisational skills greatly enhanced the running of the Centre, and the experience of the delegates and observers.”

Charlaine Pirie – Global service delivery manager @ Microsoft (was at IBM at the time)

I’ve always found presenting in public to be stressful and daunting. However, after attending the Powerfully Presenting course I found the prospect of impromptu talking or formal presentation no longer filled me with trepidation. The skills and techniques learnt on the course have improved my vocal and stage presence which has boosted my confidence and quality of delivery.

“I actually carry a copy of the PP handout with me all the time!”

Jim Harrison, Software Specialist, IBM

“Steve organised a Customer Care workshop specifically for the technical specialists in my team, which I also attended. The workshop was particularly well received. Steve ensured that it focussed the specialist on the people relationship aspects of their role, with lots of easy/fun exercises to make the ideas real and memorable.

“I have come across the idea of ‘chunking’ before, and never quite got my mind around it. One of the exercises brought home how easy it is to implement this idea, and I now regularly use this when I communicate and negotiate.”

Nico van Nieuwkerk, Software Support Manager IBM

“I have worked with Steve in a major corporate organisation where he designed, tested and delivered a customer relationship course to the majority of the Customer Engineer workforce for which I was responsible.

“Over the period of a year delivering the course we received excellent feedback from the engineers attending the course and their managers who saw a demonstrable difference in their approach to managing customers and situations.

“There was a subsequent marked decrease in customer complaints, and a perceived increase in team-work between sales and service, resulting in an excellent year for sales.“ It was a pleasure to be a part of the Project team working with Steve. He was very committed to delivering an exceptional course and focused on the end result.

Mike Willden, European Storage Centre Manager, IBM

“Revenues had really badly dropped after our team had been pulled apart by the negative actions of 2 employees who are no longer with us. Everyone had been infected with the ‘it’s not my job’ attitude. Steve worked with us through our problems and rebuilt the team by concentrating on what is important.

Focusing on our core values, communication skills, relationships, and sales awareness, we now have a cohesive TEAM that work together. We are all now happy and dare I say it…. Excited to come in to work; there is an air of positivity and togetherness and our patients feel it too. We are working cohesively as a TEAM and can all see our Revenues are rising.

Thank you Steve for helping us to work towards our potential and increase our revenues. We look forward to even better things while working with you”.

Dr Teresa Day Clinical Director Appledore Dental Clinics Binfield and Milton Keynes

“I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Presenting Powerfully’ course run by Steve Catchick. I found the course engaging, interesting and challenging – especially the impromptu speaking which I had little experience of prior to the course. I consider the skills and techniques learned of tremendous benefit to my professional career as I now engage with my audience in a more effective manner.

“In short, this course was an extremely worthwhile investment of time & money. Steve is a great teacher, knows his subject matter inside out and is a pleasure to work with.”

James Loftus, Senior Accredited Network Software Specialist, IBM

I attended a session where Steve was delivering a workshop on impromptu speaking. Steve has a delivery system that clear and easy to understand. His manner is professional and to the point and yet there was also humour and lightness about the session.

Overall I came away with knowledge, confidence and an understanding of a process of professionally answering quick firedoff the cuff questions with clear concise confidence. Thank you, Steve, for a fun informative evening

Dawn Griffith – Owner at DG Mind Therapy

Steve is a terrific presenter and trainer. Many people who I see in the role of teacher (trainer) you know instantly all they really care about is delivering the content and getting reasonably good scores. With Steve, it’s different.

Steve really cares about his audience (delegates), prepares his content so that it’s a) comprehensive, b) easy to learn, absorb and remember, and c) a pleasurable learning experience where your involvement as a delegate is both fun and beneficial long term. He also listens when people want to ask questionsand responds sympathetically and with the wisdom you only get from someone who has learned their trade properly and crafted their workshops to perfection.

QJ – Marketing and management for professionals

“Steve has a depth of experience and knowledge around sales, service, marketing, and presentation skills, that both encourages and develops people. With his natural training and coaching style, he builds confidence, creates ideas, and empowers others to take action and obtain results.

Due to Steve’s training and coaching, I finally made the decision to hire a contractor to work in my business, saving me between 2-3 days a month in office work, freeing me to develop my business and invoice an extra £1500 profitable revenue each month. The 2 day Strategic planning workshop has provided me with a strategic plan, on a single page which I have on my wall and gives me specific direction.

Neville Matthews – Owner and website developer atMatcom

“I saw Steve speak in January 2020. Not only was his talk informative but I was able to use some of his terms at a meeting later in the day with great effect.”

Xina Gooding Broderick, Business Owner, Funeral Director, Charity Chair

“Steve recently delivered a workshop to one of my CEO mastermind groups, on Advocates Everywhere, based on his Secret Salesforce programme. 

The discussions and activities around every inter-action being a moment of truth, plus the concept of ambassadors, neutrals and saboteurs in every organisation, and how to recognise them and develop ambassadors to enhance the customer experience, was highly appreciated by the group.

Steve’s humour and personal anecdotes added to the workshop. Every CEO needs to understand how to leverage the power of the Secret Sales Force!”

Charles McLachlan

CEO and Portfolio Executive development

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