The Secret Salesforce

Do you have secret ambassadors working for you day and night 7 days a week, or do you have secret saboteurs, who destroy the opportunities your sales teams have worked hard to find?

Would you like to reduce the churn rate of existing customers and retain them for longer?

Are you utilising all your resources effectively?

In today’s competitive marketplace the customer experience is the current playing field. Customer loyalty has to be earned on a daily basis. Service is no longer the back door to sales. It is now the route to sales. The customer experience is the competitive battlefield of today, and is the only way you can really differentiate your company.

Many companies are now, rightly, monitoring, measuring and surveying the customer experience and the processes, yet ultimately the greatest impact is not about the systems or processes, it’s about your people, and the inter-actions they have with your customers and prospects.

This is where the Secret Salesforce comes into play. It focuses on developing every inter-action you, or your team have with customers and prospects to be a magical moment of truth.

If your people are not engaged, and especially if they are disengaged, these inter-actions, or moments of truth, will results in a bad experience, or at least in an indifferent one, and customers vote with their feet.

The secret Salesforce starts at the strategic level, looking at core principles to engage, develop and motivate teams to step up to be ambassadors and offer outstanding moments of truth. It is designed to challenge the mindset of leaders, customer facing and non-customer facing teams.

An Ambassador feels empowered, takes ownership, does the right thing and believes in the company, driving the business forwards. Having a team of ambassadors in your company will impress, attract and retain your customers, creating advocates that will help increase your sales without the need for hiring extra sales staff.

By developing, engaging and motivating everyone, you can create a master-force of secret ambassadors, and eliminate the secret saboteurs that restrict the business.

The Secret Salesforce can be delivered as a keynote, as a strategic workshop for executives and managers and as an in-depth customer care workshop for the teams.

How to maximise your return on relationships and increase revenue and profits

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